Why Choose ezto auth?

We Bring Simplicity,

Security and Authenticity to the table.

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Custom Flows

Craft your secure and unique processes to seamlessly authenticate users across all your apps.

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Fully Secured

Users are directed to a central authorization server during login, where both authentication and authorization take place in the same domain. This enhances security and reduces the possibility of attacks.

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User Friendly

Create a unified Single Sign-On page for all apps and easily manage features with the ezto auth dashboard.

How We Bring Simplicity?

Witness Our

Spectacular Dashboard for a fast peek

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What We Do Best?

Authentication Process Made Easier

Customize the onboarding flow to ensure a personalized user experience.

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    Reduces the need for users to log in several times, allowing them to focus on their job.
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Why Choose Us ?

Features winning the game

Robust security with our IAM solution, safeguarding sensitive data through advanced access controls.

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    Improve security by giving multiple rights levels based on role.
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App Features

Use easily and safely

Single Sign-On and Multifactor Authentication enhance user experience without compromising security.

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    Lowering the danger of an unauthorised user getting access to critical company data.
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Manage On the Go

Managing made Easy

Easily manage users with ezto auth through user-friendly registration, simplified login procedures, and streamlined integrations.

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    Create, update, and delete user data to accommodate the complete user lifetime
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